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Fulani Haynes ever-broadening musical/theatrical career has spanned over 3 decades. The Fulani Haynes Live Experience has shared the stage with numerous recording artists such as Frank Wilkins, Patricia Adams, Hakim Law, Mike Shea. Fulani's diverse musical talent has also added a "unique" and "incomparable" flavor to several upscale affairs in the Boston area. As a life-long resident of Boston, Fulani 's rich musical/theatrical heritage has given her a foundation in the industry. Her sound is JAZZ.
Fulani Haynes has graced countless Stages, theater houses, television, and
film productions for well over 25 years in the New England area. Her accomplishments have been printed in local and regional publications as well as several television
commercials that have been aired nationally.

Fulani has enjoyed a stellar acting career through her work in Black Nativity, Roxbury Outreach Shakespeare Experience, Black Folks Theater, Middle Passage, The Strand and Erlick Theaters, several one women shows, and The Wheelock Family Theater where her and her ensemble received rave reviews for "Charlottes Web", " Macbeth", "Little Women", "Alice in Wonderland", and " Music Man ".

Fulani brings innovation, and creativity to the stage, integrating her talent with her community. Her performances enchant each audience with warmth and credibility.

As a young child Fulani enjoyed playing her mother's 78 jazz records. Her mother's collection of records kept little Fulani entertained and busy. She so loved to sing along with the recordings of Billie Holiday (" Lady Day"), Sarah Vaughan ('Sassy"),Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few. By the age of five she knew all the words.

It came so naturally to sing many of those jazzy lyrics throughout her life that as an adult when she was asked to do a stand-in acting role (with a local acting company) in which there was some singing involved that she realized and reawakened her musical talents.

You see Fulani by profession is in the healing arts as a nurse, now realizing her first love was in the performing arts and music (especially jazz). To this day she hasn't skipped a beat in reference to the two professions. Fulani is the mother of three.

Fulani 's realm of creativity prompted her to start her own production company, … AND THE BEAT GOES ON. She performs solo as well as with VINTAGE, Sisters In Harmony, a three woman history jazz group that sing and transform themselves into the likes of female jazz artists of the 20's. 30's and 40's, and she sings with FOUR, a trio of well-known jazz musicians.

She brings major jazz history nationwide to nightclubs, cabarets the stage where she "edutains" and sometimes leads the audience in an impromptu "scat" session. For the Boston Public Schools and various community events Fulani developed a program for children called "Jazz-A-Ma- Toot-Toot". This program teaches young people about the rich contribution that several African American woman have made world-wide, and the dues they paid as they paved the way for many entertainers today.

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